temerity uh-MER-uh-tee, noun: Unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger; rashness.   SourceForge
or possibly this project....

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  • Release Name: temerity 2.0
    Notes: This was almost an entire recode of the whole project. There have been 
    vast improvements in speed, flexibility, modularity, and customization. The 
    themeing system has been entirely rewritten, and the entire program now runs 
    almost entirely dynamically off of the config file. Honestly, almost everything
    has changed, and I didn't keep a good log of what changed and when it happened
    .... wont do that again.
     recoded almost entirely, it is now much faster
     creation of a makefile
     creation of a configure perl file
     the ability to easily reconfigure the search paths
     a greater standard between the files and the library is in place
     the index file is now entirely dynamic
     the config file is used more aggressively
     links have been changed from absolute to relative
     creation of the tools directory
     the config file now goes to /etc/temerity/ by default
     many of the required modules are now included
     required shared values are now contained within a single shared hash
     it is now compatible with perl 5.005
     the theming system has been completely rewritten and redesigned
     get_user_info has been entirely rewritten to be more efficient and accept a greater range of values
     a begin block has been added to the library to make the security functions loaded at the earliest possible time
     CGI::Carp has been added to make fails to browser as well as warnings for making things simpler
     the telnet prompt regex has been altered to allow for a better range, while avoiding some traceback
     the ability to select a host on the fly has been added
     there is now an ability to specify how the admin in charge is to be contacted
     there have been many more "files to remove" added
     the commandline mode has been removed
     an info.sh script has been added to help isolate the location of needed directories
     a normal user can now use the program from their own account if properly configured via configure.pl
     checking for disabled modules is now more intensive and better at disabling a particular module
     commandline paths (ie. /home/username/) are now specified directly to prevent default shell configs from effecting the current path
     a new way of denying failed commands now exists
     the stubs for ssh and su have been inserted
    Release Name: temerity1.4
    Notes: Support for themes, finally!!! 
    Changes: added themeing support reorginized temerity_style_sheet_images to make 
             themeing mores simple
    Release Name: temerity 1.3
    Notes: fixed a bug, put split in Pat! 
    Changes: added split to the url aproval sub and it works again.
             adjusted the http referer code to be more efficient
    Release Name: temerity 1.2
    Notes: you know, not everyone wants all those modules avalible.......
    Changes: removed some more useless code (man there was a lot of that) 
             added a way to configure up the modules displayed 
             added an easy way to add stuff to the nav bar
    Release Name: temerity 1.1
    Notes: It has come to my attention that temerity 1.0 has a screwed up tar archive
           so, rather then fixing it I just stayed up all night and built this new
           version.  It has a config file instead of making you edit perl files.
    Changes: Added temerity.conf to lower the ammount of editing of perl files
             that the user has to do. Removed some useless code bits.
    Release Name: temerity 1.0
    This is the 1.0 release containing temerity.  Functionality of this is as follows:
    Change Password
    Setup Web Space
    Account Reset
    User Info
    Vacation Messages
    Mail Forwarding
    It was born of perl and frustration, not exactly ex nihilo but hey....   
    Temerity Administration Toolkit