temerity uh-MER-uh-tee, noun: Unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger; rashness.   SourceForge
or possibly this project....

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    We want to develop a fully featured website to allow users who are unwilling/incapable of learning the *ix environment to be able to do basic administration on their own accounts rather then calling up the friendly sysadmin and trying to explain how they don't understand what they should do at the login: prompt.

    There are some GREAT projects out there that do the exact same things that we do, but we have our reasons for developing this version. Unlike usermin (a really great tool) the box hosting this site does not have to be the same as your authentication server (if you have a NIS+ network) or even a member of the domain (if you have LDAP). This project was founded because our department was not able to win the politics battle over adding mod_perl to apache on our authentication server (we run NIS+)

    Temerity Administration Toolkit