temerity uh-MER-uh-tee, noun: Unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger; rashness.   SourceForge
or possibly this project....

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    6/9/2004: Temerity 2.0 has been released after going through 11 release tests

    4/9/2004: Put 2.0 in the tour section, even though it isn't ready for release yet (2 bugs in areas you can't see)

    4/8/2004: Haven't forgotton this project, and I just put together Temerity-2.0 release canidate 1, it isn't entirly perfect, but getting closer to a releaseable version.

    4/7/2004: Made a guide to building a theme

    4/2/2004: Joe made up an icon today!

    3/18/2004: Finalized the specs for 2.x's theme system

    12/24/2003: Hmmmm.... It seems that I have been neglecting this project a bit, so I rewrote the site in perl to make updating it easier.
    Still coding 2.0.....

    12/10/2003: Due to the sort of difficult setup and configuration of Temerity 1.4, I am recoding the entirething from scratch. I hope to remove some of the bugs and cleaning things up a bit.

    10/12/2003: Well since class is being insane it took a bit of time to get 1.4 out, but here it is in all its themeable goodness

    08/28/2003: Hey guess what I forgot to add split to the 1.1 release and it all works now so go get

    08/20/2003: Good news, I broke the 1.2 release, and possibly had an error in the 1.1, working on it.

    08/19/2003: Temerity 1.2 released!

    07/11/2003: Temerity 1.1 released!

    07/01/2003: Temerity 1.0 released!

    06/30/2003: Not much in way of news yet. We are the new kids around here, just setting up shop.

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